3 Reasons Not to DIY Repairs on Your Flat Roof

Do-it-yourself (DIY) repairs may be something you feel confident about doing, but when it comes to fixing your leaky roof, you could cause even more issues. DIY flat roof repair is not a good idea for three reasons. You or your staff may face safety issues (and violate OSHA rules). Most commercial buildings do not have employees that are factory-trained crews experienced with roof repair, and warranties on your roof may be voided by having amateurs attempt flat roofing repair. Here’s a little bit more detail about each of these reasons:

1. Safety

At PSI Roofing we cannot stress this enough: avoid walking and working on a low-slope roof unless you have the training and safety equipment to do so.

OSHA regulations require fall prevention gear for roofing workers. Sending your crew up on your roof without proper equipment will make your insurance company very unhappy, too.

Moving around on a low-slope (it can be called “flat” but is probably pitched slightly for water drainage) roof is dangerous enough. Now consider having to work, always conscious of the roof edge, wondering if you may accidentally lose a tool, brush, or bucket over the side. When your crews work off the walkways, their boots grind against the single-ply membrane, scuff up the ballast, or abrade the built-up-roofing. You may be inviting falls or further water infiltration.

2. Experience

Some years ago a well-meaning, but inexperienced, volunteer tried to “restore” a religious fresco. She painted over the chipped plaster, trying to fix a face and an arm. As described in The Huffington Post, she ruined the 19th century piece, transforming a beloved artwork into a kindergarten-quality nightmare. Do not be that person. If you lack experience, or your building maintenance crew lacks experience, in repairing a commercial roof, stay off.

A common mistake any manager knows all too well is the “simple repair.” The hole in the roof is tiny; this will be ten minutes and a dab of roof cement. Only the little hole is hiding water infiltration, separated plies, or perhaps, even insect damage. Two days later, a gaping hole has opened and your facilities manager is in a panic.

3. Warranty

Through the good intentions of your maintenance staff, or your own attempts to save a buck, you could void your roof’s warranty by DIY repair work. Why risk the ability to make a claim on a $200,000 warranty for a $2,000 repair?

When you see your commercial roof needs flat roofing repair, please contact us at PSI Roofing. We can do the job professionally, quickly, and safely.