flat roof repair

Oakland Park residents are no strangers to hurricanes, but even the most weather-wise business owner can forget how important low-slope roof inspections are before bad weather hits. You may have enough insurance to cover the cost of roof repair, but spending a little on roof maintenance is better than having your business shuttered for days while professional roofers repair hurricane damage.

Preparation is Key

Getting your business ready for impending foul weather is key to avoiding major roof damage. You may see yourself as a big-time business owner, but you are small potatoes against the wind and water of Atlantic hurricanes and severe weather.  Your low-slope roof is at the mercy of the elements, depending on you to ensure it is weather-ready.

Inspections Prevent Damage

Annual or semiannual inspections by a qualified, professional roofing specialist from PSI Roofing can not only spot potential water leaks, they can help you identify rooftop elements that could be ripped loose, sent flying, and damage your roof, neighboring buildings, or employee and customer vehicles below. Consider all the extra rooftop items mechanically fastened to the typical roof:

  • Ventilators
  • HVAC equipment
  • Satellite dishes
  • Window washing equipment
  • Electric signs

Your business may have other specialty items, such as a weather station, radio antennae, an old fighter plane, or a flagpole. Anything that is not firmly attached, including panels and moving parts, can become a wind-borne missile.

Partner Wisely

Select a commercial roofer who has the experience, tools and crew available to help you recover from hurricane damage. PSI Roofing not only can provide roof maintenance services, we have emergency crews available 24/7 to answer your call.

By locking in one contractor to perform inspections, perform maintenance and handle emergencies, you gain a strong relationship and institutional memory: our crews will be familiar with your roof and quick to restore the low-slope roof to watertight, weather-proof condition.

Emergency Planning

Have an emergency management plan in place for your entire business, and include your building’s roof. The plan should include steps for:

  • Staying in business or staying open
  • Identifying key personnel
  • Coordinating with other businesses and agencies
  • Specifying key operations
  • Evacuating the building or sheltering in place
  • Contacting important vendors and contractors, such as PSI Roofing for emergency roofing services

Contact PSI Roofing today to learn how we can play an important part in implementing your roof’s inspection, maintenance and emergency plan.