No Miami business owners want to have experience with multiple roof restorations. How many times can your business withstand getting its roof damaged by a hurricane, after all? No, if you are lucky, you will never become thoroughly familiar with insurance restorations for commercial roof repair.

Our team at PSI Roofing, however, are familiar with the process, because we have vast experience working with Florida companies and their insurance carriers. We know the process not only of commercial roof repair, but of handling everything through your insurer.

Complete Service

PSI Roofing Inc. and PSI Restorations Inc. can bring your building back to life from fire, water, hurricane or wind damage. While our expert teams work to provide commercial roof repair topside, others can handle the rest:

  • Boarding up windows and reinforcing interior structure
  • Removing water and dehumidifying the interior
  • Identifying damaged signage removed or covered
  • Cleaning up the exterior facade
  • Demolishing, carting and cleaning up interiors
  • Repairing—or installing new—drywall, flooring and ceilings
  • Installing insulation, HVAC, plumbing and electric to code

Insurance Restoration

With commercial roof repair or emergency building services, time is money. We have experience working with all major insurers; we know the process. We can provide accurate estimates, help negotiate with your insurance adjuster, and get your claim settled quickly. Four key reasons to choose PSI Roofing for your commercial roof repair and insurance restorations:

  1. Documentation—We thoroughly document existing conditions, using insurance adjustment software, so we can help you negotiate with your insurer to get the most money to restore your Miami business to its pre-emergency condition.
  2. Superior ServiceEmergency service cannot mean inferior products or work. An insurance adjuster may push for the cheapest estimate. PSI Roofing is able to completely document the need for exact repairs and restoration, so our estimates bring the highest quality and best repairs.
  3. Experience—Selecting PSI Roofing as the General Contractor means you tap into our years of experience not just with roof repair but also with restoration. Our staff includes retired insurance adjusters who can navigate you through the complexities of insurance negotiation and restoration.
  4. One Voice—Using a single contractor for your insurance restoration means you get both a Class A Certified General Contractor and a Certified Roofing Contractor. We can handle the commercial roof repair and all interior work quickly and efficiently. You deal with one point of contact, not 15 or 20 subcontractors.

Contact Local Professionals

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