3 Roof Maintenance Projects For 2018

A trio of projects for 2018 can help you prepare for whatever bad weather the New Year brings. Keep your roof and your business protected with these roof maintenance maneuvers.

Roof Monitoring

Investing in roof monitoring can pay off with the first major storm of the year. The usual strategy (send a crew up after a storm to assess roof maintenance and damage needs) may not be enough with today’s increasing pace of rough Atlantic Ocean weather.

A roof monitoring system can not only alert you to deformations in your roof (from ponding), it can protect your facilities crew from dangerous falls working too close to the roof edge.

Emergency Preparations

Part of routine roof maintenance should include preparations for emergency roof repair work. A roof is a dangerous place. You absolutely should leave the bulk of emergency roofing services in the hands of your commercial roofing partner, but for temporary repairs, until your contractor can arrive on the scene, have tarps, cement, sandbags and other supplies neatly labeled, stored safely, and nearby.

Sometimes this is a logistical puzzle; rooftop space, or space along the access pathways to the roof, is at a premium. Storing bulky items like tarps in your facility’s basement may give them the space they need, but will delay delivery to the rooftop when a leak develops.

One strategy is to store a small “kit” close to the roof (or even on it). This junior version of your emergency roof maintenance supplies should include a tarp, roof cement and just enough sandbags to hold down the tarp.

HVHZ Compliance

Florida’s building codes have been reactively designed to take into account just about every new situation hurricanes have caused. As a consequence, your decades-old Miami-area building may need a major facelift to get its roof into current compliance with the high-velocity hurricane zone (HVHZ) requirements.
Florida Building Code Chapter 15 (Sections 1512 through 1525) has a lot of information many property managers may not be completely familiar with, but your local commercial roofer is. Ask your roofer to run a compliance check early in the year, and to make HVHZ improvements as needed.

When you contact the friendly professionals of PSI Roofing, you reach a reliable, local partner ready to help you fulfill all your roof maintenance projects for 2018 and far beyond. Contact us today to see how we can help in the months ahead.