Safety First! Best Practices for You & Your Roofing Project

Whether your building is one year or one century old, safety comes first for conscientious roofers. Try these safety steps for your own crew or for your local south Florida roofing contractor.

Safe for You

Your facilities management crew must be trained to respect the low-slope roof. Safety must be everyone’s Number One priority, every day. Some basic safety tips:

  • Ensure all areas of the roof are structurally sound before working, and identify suspect areas of weakness that could lead to a partial or full collapse
  • Keep a schematic diagram of the roof to note skylights, temporary roof plates or painted-over skylights that are not load bearing
  • Construct handrails or guardrails around any rooftop depression, opening or change in elevation
  • Train crews not only to look down, but to look up, to overhead wires, cables or other obstructions that can catch an unsuspecting facilities crew member or large tools like ladders
  • Develop and use a standard system to mark the roof edge, whether permanently or temporarily for each work session on the roof


Falls are a leading cause of roof injuries. You might expect falls from ladders leading up to roofs are common, but surprisingly, falls from stepladders on roofs are also common. The added danger of a worker falling from a short ladder on the roof is that, near a roof edge, the fall could extend to the ground below. Everyone should wear fall protection while working on even a single-story flat roof.

Safe for Your Roofer

Communication is the best safety tool your company can use when working with a south Florida roofing contractor. What may be common knowledge to you and your facilities crew could be unknown to your roofer. Consider the painted-over skylight that, at first glance, appears solid.

Keep your roofer informed of changes to the layout of your roof, and point out any potential weak spots that need repair. While PSI Roofing’s crews are trained to work safely, they welcome any information about a work site that can add to their safety.
PSI Roofing can be the south Florida roofing contractor you trust for safety, professionalism and performance.

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