How To Save Money on Roofs in Broward County

Americans like choices; it helps explain seeing 83 varieties of cold cereals in the grocery aisle. So here is a choice for any property manager: pay for seven or eight separate visits to have roof repair work completed as each new leak springs up, or pay once for comprehensive roof maintenance. Oddly, some Broward County businesses seem to prefer paying separate bills over many months, as each new leak is discovered, rather than spending a tiny amount on a complete roofing maintenance program.

Scheduling an Emergency

Emergencies, by definition, cannot be scheduled. Yet some facilities managers, by choosing to ignore the ready availability of effective roof maintenance plans from Fort Lauderdale commercial roofers, are forcing themselves to cope with emergency roof repair. Signs of water infiltration may be subtle — a rise in humidity, a smell of mildew — or dramatic, as when pallets of expensive inventory are ruined beneath a deluge of stagnant rainwater.

At the sign of a water leak, you rearrange your day to accommodate your local, trustworthy roofer, who now will charge emergency rates to squeeze in your job for the same day or the next day. You have, essentially, scheduled an emergency.

Steady as She Goes

Contrast expensive and unpredictable emergency roof repair, which may recur throughout Broward County’s rainy season, with the regular visits and predictable billing of a roof maintenance plan. That same trustworthy roofer gains familiarity with your commercial property by:

  • Inspecting your roof thoroughly
  • Cataloging potential trouble spots for follow-up
  • Providing roof repair on a regular schedule, before little problems become big ones
  • Cleaning and maintaining drains, flashing, HVAC curbs and more


The total costs of emergency services, such as late-night calls for storm repair or early-morning panics from a leaky roof, are far greater than the manageable costs of budgeted roof maintenance.

You can save significant money — money that can be invested in a new roof, when the time comes — by working with your Oakland Park roofer to get annual inspections, regular cleanings, and thorough repair for your commercial property. You also save time, allow customer access, and avoid scheduling headaches.

Please contact us today at PSI Roofing so we can schedule a visit. Our roofing representative can take a look at your commercial roof, make some recommendations regarding roof repair and maintenance, and work with you to build a long-lasting plan to reduce repair costs and increase roof longevity.

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