How To Know When You Should Schedule Roof Maintenance

Florida’s weather does not make a commercial property manager’s job easy. You may enjoy long periods of sunshine and light breezes, then face some of nature’s worst weather: hurricanes and high winds. How can you know when to schedule roof maintenance for your commercial property?

At Least Annually

Depending on the age and condition of your commercial roof, you should have your local, trustworthy roofer at least perform an annual inspection. If you already know the roof has some issues, two inspections a year may be a better schedule.

The inspection is combined with routine roof maintenance, so little problems stay little or are repaired away. What was a minor seam problem before hurricane season could develop into a major source of water infiltration after a few heavy rains.


An ideal time to have a complete roof inspection and maintenance visit by your dependable roofer is during the spring. Broward County’s businesses need to be ready for the heavy rains and high winds of hurricane seasons, so the best time to get a professional crew up on your roof is before the first major storm.

Getting a baseline on your roof in spring helps your roofer track potential problem spots. After the worst of the hurricanes, those same areas may require extensive repair and restoration.

After Storms

Regular, consistent maintenance of a commercial roof is important; you get the longest-lasting protection to your business. Immediately after a storm, though, is also a good time for your roofer to perform quick repairs on known weak spots, heading off trouble before they turn into major water leaks.

By investing in regular maintenance, you reduce costs associated with storm cleanup and recovery. Your damage will be less extensive, your repairs more modest than if you had neglected systematic, routine maintenance.


Have an intentional, careful plan for annual or semi-annual maintenance, reinforced as needed with post-storm work. That foresight gives you, the commercial property manager, many benefits:

  • Your infrastructure budget becomes manageable
  • Your facilities crew’s time is used wisely
  • Your building is more comfortable for employees, residents, and visitors
  • Your building is less expensive to cool

Hoping the next hurricane will miss your building is no plan. Plan for regular roof maintenance. Whether you are responsible for a new commercial roof or are trying to squeeze a few more years out of an older roof, please contact PSI Roofing today to let us help you.