right new commercial roof for your property

Everybody else’s job looks simple from the outside. As leading Miami-area roofers, we get around a lot, and talk to a lot of building owners. We are always amused when we introduce ideas for a new commercial roof and get the same puzzled looks: aren’t all commercial roofing products nearly the same? Most commercial owners do not give much thought to what their new commercial roof could be, or what it can do to help their business. 

The Basics of a New Commercial Roof

Your building’s orientation on its lot, the way it abuts adjoining businesses, its pitch, your roof’s dominant angle to the sun and even prevailing wind direction all play into making the best selection for a new commercial roof system. At its most basic, your roof must do four things:

  1. Meet applicable Florida building codes, including stringent hurricane codes
  2. Shelter your inventory, customers and employees from adverse weather (this means heat and sunlight as well as hurricanes and wind)
  3. Provide a good return on your budgeted investment
  4. Be easy to maintain over decades of use

To answer all these legitimate business concerns, PSI Roofing offers several choices of commercial roofing materials:

  • Built-up roofing (BUR)
  • Modified bitumen roofing
  • Duro-Last prefabricated membrane
  • Single-ply roofing
  • Metal roofing

We can offer cool roofing products, too, to improve your building’s energy efficiency. Some roofing materials handle wind shear better than others; we can account for that. If your Miami property regularly faces the brunt of the Atlantic Ocean’s wind-borne moisture, we can provide waterproofing over many parts of your building.


Apart from environmental issues, your property’s new commercial roof can also benefit your business. A notable roof—whether by color, material or decorative features—can be an advertising boon. Important local landmarks, such as the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, turn to PSI Roofing to make a standout statement. The proper new commercial roof system can be designed and installed to handle additional superstructures, such as signs, three-dimensional figures, or electronics.

As examples, a modified bitumen roof is serviceable, but if you expect high foot traffic from a rented billboard on your roof, PVC single-ply will wear better. Built-up roofing may be an inexpensive installation option, but light-reflective cool roofing may return more of your investment over its useful life.

To learn exactly how the right new commercial roofing material can do more than just shelter your Miami-area business, contact PSI Roofing today.