Metal Roofing

With the warmest winter temperatures in the continental United States, Miami does not see a lot of commercial roof damage from snow and ice. Even in January and February, we are not likely to see a repeat of the January 18, 1977 snowfalls that struck Florida. With the weather in the 60s and fewer rainy days, winter is an ideal time for commercial roof inspections.  This makes commercial roofs safer and drier than at other times of the year.

Winter Roof Repair

Before your commercial property can contract out for roof repair, you should consider a wintertime roof inspection. The milder and dryer weather helps a competent commercial roofer identify problem areas. Metal expands in summer’s heat and contracts, though the temperatures are not freezing, in winter’s lower temperatures. This and other winter characteristics can actually make roof inspection easier:

  • Flashing and other metals are at their smallest size, revealing areas of possible leaks at joints and seams
  • The drier weather means easier seam inspection on membrane roofs and modified bitumen roofs
  • Evidence of ponding will still be apparent in the stains and dirt left behind from evaporated water
  • Coming out of rainy season, the winter roof shows early signs of damage, before roof repair becomes extensive and expensive

Busy Season?

Winter is not the busiest time for most commercial roofers in the Miami area, so we at PSI Roofing can comfortably fit a thorough inspection and repair work into times that is convenient for you. Working on metal or modified bitumen roofs in winter is far more efficient and kinder on our crews, too, with the absence of the sun’s harsh glare and high temperatures of summer.  Get a jump on the rainy season! It is best to be prepared for the wet weather than deal with roofing issues that could have easily been avoided months ahead of time.

With fewer emergency calls in winter to compete for our time, PSI Roofing can devote a crew to your roof repair with little chance of having skilled crew members pulled away to other jobs. This means a short disruption to your building schedule, and happy tenants.

Prepare for Rain

Winter is the driest season in Miami, so protective roof services, such as waterproofing and roof repair on seams, can move forward quickly without worry about weather-related interruptions from storms or hurricanes. Winter roof inspection and subsequent roof repair can get your roof prepared for the rainier weather ahead.

To learn more about the many ways PSI Roofing can help your business with winter roof inspections, contact us today.