commercial roofing contractor

As a property manager you bear a lot of responsibility for decisions on repairing your Miami-area commercial property after storm damage and roof leaks. Selecting a roofing contractor is a big job, and most property managers realize they have to choose carefully. 

Storm Damage? Don’t Panic!

Investigate roofing contractors before the urgency of storm-related damage and water leaks requires quick action; you can have a plan in place with a roofer you trust. Contact Miami-area roofers, including PSI Roofing (we are confident we can stand above the rest), and ask every roofer the same set of five questions:

  1. What is your legal operating name and physical address? This allows you to look up the contractor with the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation
  2. What insurance do you carry?
  3. Do you subcontract commercial roofing work?
  4. What is your license number?
  5. Can you tell me the addresses and contact names for the last X commercial jobs you did?
  6. Besides manufacturers’ warranties, what installation warranties do you offer?

By narrowing down your roofing contractor choices during quiet moments, you will be ready, after a typical Florida thunderstorm or hurricane, to solicit bids on work to repair storm damage and stop water leaks.


Getting quality commercial roof repair through a roofing contractor is a matter of trust, because you do not want to hover over the job while crews are working. This means you need to establish clear communication with your roofer before the job begins. After deciding on primary and backup contractors (in case your first choice cannot meet your schedule), be sure to have a thorough discussion:

  • What building permits are needed to address the storm damage and make repairs?
  • What products would you recommend to repair the storm damage?
  • How many hours (or days) do you anticipate for the job?
  • How will you ensure compatibility of repair materials to my roof?
  • Beyond solving the immediate storm damage, do you recommend any other maintenance or waterproofing?
  • Which suppliers do you use?
  • What terms do you require for payment? This is especially important if working through your building’s insurer.

PSI Roofing has the crews, experience, and equipment to deal with your roof damage promptly and professionally. We know how to work with insurance companies and property managers. Contact our offices today, and feel free to ask us the questions outlined here. We are ready to prove ourselves by our word and work.