Commercial Roofing Theories Debunked

A good commercial roofing contractor stays busy, visiting commercial properties all over Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas. That local commercial roofing contractor meets a lot of facilities managers, some of whom hold onto what we would call roofing myths. Two common commercial roofing myths are that a properly installed roof is expensive, and such a roof can go without maintenance.

Expensive? Not So Much

By turning to a trustworthy commercial roof contractor, a facilities manager gets a two-for-one deal: excellent roofing service and a bit of an education. The myth that commercial roofs are money pits is easily busted. Given the wide variety of roofing materials, any commercial building can be roofed for just about any budget:

  1. Built-up roofing (BUR)
  2. Modified bitumen
  3. Metal roofing
  4. Shingles —Suitable for steep-slope application only
  5. Thermoset plastics — Ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (EPDM), chlorosulfonated polyethylene (CSPE), epichlorohydrin (ECH), neoprene, and polyisobutylene (PIB)
  6. Thermoplastics — Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), thermoplastic olefin (TPO)

With so many options for your building, you and your commercial roofing contractor can find a price point and longevity that works for your needs.

What is your alternative? Put off a new roof and risk all your inventory, employee health, and customer traffic when water cascades inside? Remember, Florida has several very wet seasons.

No, commercial roofing is an expense, but it is not expensive compared to the risks of losing your business entirely.

Maintain to Gain

Proper maintenance of any type of roof is vital. Take PVC roofing, for example. PVC is one of the longest-lasting roofing materials available, but if neglected, its 30+ year lifespan will diminish. Maintenance from a commercial roofing contractor, like the original installation investment, is not expensive when compared with deferring maintenance and risking re-roofing only a few years into your new roof’s life.

Investing a small amount every year with a good commercial roofing contractor, your company will actually save money by avoiding costly emergency repairs, lengthening the life of your roof (stretching your investment), and preserving the inside climate of your building (proper temperature and humidity levels).

Bust More Myths

Take the time to contact your honest, dependable, local commercial roofing contractor and get the truth about your company’s commercial roof. In Fort Lauderdale, turn to PSI Roofing. We can provide roof preservation, repair, and maintenance services. We can help you plan for your next roof, keeping your budget and schedule in mind. Contact PSI Roofing today!