Commercial roofing group discussing maintenanceWhen Hurricane Irma struck Florida in September 2017, it damaged the roofs of thousands of homes. A similar picture is beginning to emerge in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. It is a reminder of the fallibility of the main structure you count on for shelter against the elements.

While roofs are built to last, they need to be well maintained to fulfill their purpose over their lifespan. Now is a good time for commercial building owners to have their roofs inspected even if there is no sign of evident damage.


Commercial roof maintenance is important as manufacturers require it to maintain coverage. Regular roof maintenance can prevent costly repairs or replacements not covered in your manufacturer’s guarantee. They include damage due to vandalism, structural deterioration, or the actions of other contractors.


Make an appointment


Schedule your roof inspection early. Roofers are incredibly busy after the hurricane, even in less-affected areas such as Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. An early booking would put you in front of the line and allow you to address any problems that need to be fixed quickly.


Use a reputable local roofing contractor


An experienced commercial roofing and restoration service can be expected to provide reliable service. If the company has been around for years, they must be doing their job well. The roofing industry is like any other industry. There are good contractors and bad, and the best services endure and thrive. Make sure that you do your research. 


Commercial roof maintenance checklist


A roofing system is made of a number of different parts. During the roof inspection, the contractor will look at these and other areas of your roof and offer recommendations for maintenance. 


Here are some key things to make sure the contractor reviews for your commercial roof inspection


Surface membrane


The surface membrane of a roof creates a continuous watertight covering to protect the building underneath. It is a main area of inspection for a commercial roof. The contractor will check for holes, tears, or cracks that can let water in and cause damage, mold, or rot, and advise you on roof membrane maintenance.


Ponding water


Ponding is when water collects and stagnates on the surface of a roof for longer than 48 hours. It can weaken the roof materials underneath. Dark stains on your roof around drains are a sign of damage to roof materials from ponding. If the contractor suspects ponding, they will check whether your drainage system is working properly or not. 




Roof flashing is a thin material that directs water away from joints and seams where water could seep into the roof and cause damage. Cracks or other failures on flashing are generally more common in residential rather than commercial roofs. Even so, make sure your contractor performs this check as part of your commercial roof maintenance. 




If you have a single-ply or metal roof, then the areas where the metal panels are connected to each other aka seams can cause problems. Improper installation or strong winds can weaken the seams and cause leaks to develop. It’s another reason to engage an experienced South Florida roofing contractor for commercial roof installation or replacement. 




Clogged gutters will cause water to pool on your roof. While ponding water on PVC roof membranes is unlikely to cause damage or void your warranty, it can lead to roof failure on asphalt-based roofs. Ensure that your contractor checks your gutters and drains regardless of the type of roofing you have.




Your commercial roof inspection should include a check of your downspouts and downspout termination. They can sometimes be crushed by passing vehicles or heavy equipment above the ground. If so, they will cause water damage to your building and landscaping. Replacing damaged downspouts quickly will prevent more expensive problems down the line. 


Roof add-ons


Plumbing vents, skylights, or other features on your roof can be problem areas for water leakage. Have your contractor include these areas during your roof inspection.  


Invest in an ongoing roof maintenance plan


Locking into an annual roof maintenance plan is financially savvy. Your maintenance cost will be fixed and cover any repairs needed during the term of your maintenance program. The preventive maintenance will keep your roof in good shape and help extend its useful life, saving you more in the long run.


Take good care of your roof with PSI Roofing’s annual maintenance plan

Since 1994, PSI Roofing has been serving commercial building owners in southeast and southwest Florida, covering Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm Beach, Oakland Park, Naples, and Fort Myers. On our annual roof maintenance program, you can keep your roof repair costs predictable, avoid unforeseen expenses, and extend the lifespan of your commercial roof. Why not book your roof inspection right away and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your roof is in good hands?