3 Best Ways to Repair a Waterproof Roof Layer

A commercial roof is supposed to be an uninterrupted expanse of waterproof protection. When your roof develops a leak, the waterproof roof layer is likely the cause. A repair can be achieved by following these three steps.

First, Get Help

Your facilities crew may be excellent at maintaining your property’s roof. They are probably neither trained nor equipped to handle repairs to waterproofing. Get professional help. Work with local, reliable roofers with the experience, equipment, and training to locate the waterproof layer’s weak spots and remedy the water damage.

You want a local, trustworthy roofer for several reasons:

  • Using a certified or manufacturer-approved professional preserves your warranty
  • Using an experienced, knowledgeable roofer reduces costs and improves results
  • Using a professional roofer frees your facilities crew for other work

Next, Survey

An infrared camera survey of your roof will help professional roofers determine the location and extent of water infiltration through the waterproof layer. That layer could be a tough, self-healing membrane or a brush-applied topcoat that has failed to fulfill its purpose. Getting accurate information about the repair project is essential to creating an affordable, speedy repair strategy.

The infrared camera shows cooler areas (where water stands or is sandwiched between layers of your roof), allowing trained professionals to know how much of your roof’s waterproof layer has failed.

Third, Expect Success

In the hands of the right commercial roofer with vast experience in waterproof layer repair, your company’s roof will emerge stronger, tougher, and ready to handle the strongest Florida deluge.

Communicate with your roofer that you expect complete success. Indeed, your company can afford nothing less: water leaks damage inventory, ruin energy efficiency, and risk employee health.

A good commercial roofer will know precisely what your roof’s layers are, and which layer has the waterproof material. This is usually accomplished by taking a core sample (which is quickly repaired). Waterproof membrane may be under ballast or added atop a different roofing system. Waterproof coatings are usually the top layer.

Repairing waterproof material usually means a patch. The patching adhesive and material must be compatible with your roof’s layers for maximum adhesion. This is another hallmark of true professionals: they will be absolutely sure of their remedy before executing it.

To be absolutely sure of your waterproof layer repair, contact the trained professionals of PSI Roofing today. We can handle any waterproofing dilemma your Florida roof may have!