What to Do When You Need Commercial Roof Repair

You put your right foot in, you take your right foot out. The Hokey Pokey’s lyrics are step-by-step instructions for the dance the song describes. Few things in life flow as effortlessly as dance moves, but when your commercial property develops a leak in the roof, you need to get moving, fast.

Right Hand

Your first call when your facilities crew tells you about a leak should be to your commercial roofer. You need a roof inspection, and that leak is in the right hands if you make the call quickly enough. 

A tiny hole, even just 1/8th-inch wide, in a commercial roof can admit gallons of water in a typical Florida downpour. That water can find its way into your roof deck, travel laterally between membrane and insulation, or drip down into warehouse or office space. Think of the ruined equipment, the damp insulation, or the soggy inventory a roof leak can bring!

Turn Around

Your local, helpful commercial roofer will inspect the entire roof, but focus on that leak first. Where the leak appears inside your building is only a guide to where it originates outside. An open seam may channel water dozens of feet along the roof before the water gets through insulation and into the deck itself. 

Other sources for leaks, based on our expertise:

  • Around penetrations
  • Along the perimeter
  • Where condensation occurs

The inspection your commercial roofer can do will be far more extensive than your facilities crew knows to perform. 

That’s What It’s All About!

Depending on the findings from a thorough inspection, you may be looking at a quick, one-day repair job or you may be facing more extensive work, such as waterproof coatings to stop future leaks, as recommended by experts at Facilities Net

The leak may be the result of storm damage that could generate an insurance claim. This alone could save you money. Only by getting your roofer in early –right after the leak or immediately after a heavy storm– can you be sure to stop further damage. Some facilities managers somehow think a roof is self-healing. No roof is. You must make the call when you suspect a roof leak, and PSI Roofing should be your first call. Contact us, then sit back while we will find and stop the leak. From minor repairs to complete roof replacement, PSI Roofing is here to help.