What You Need to Know about Your Palm Beach Commercial Roof

A stretch of West Palm Beach is zoned “mixed use” by the Palm Beach County Department of Planning, Zoning, and Building, which means your commercial property could be a block away from residential homes, or share an adjoining ally with other local businesses. The vibrant, varied cityscape makes West Palm Beach commercial roofing a challenge. Layer on our tough local weather, and—no matter what type of material you use—West Palm Beach commercial roofing has to withstand a lot.

Commercial Roofing, Not Residential

Some roofers perform mostly residential roofing work, quickly and professionally topping our area’s little one-story homes with everyday shingles. When tempted by the prestige of a commercial project, these wanna-be local roofers claim they have plenty of experience with West Palm Beach commercial roofing, even if they do not. The results can range from disappointing to cataclysmic. Commercial roofing is not the same as residential, beginning with roofing materials:

  • Single-ply membrane—PVC, EPDM and TPO polymers
  • Modified bitumen—APP and SBS roofing systems
  • Built-up roofing (BUR)—Felts and hot bitumen

Additional issues include heights, crew safety, permits, square footage, warranties, and inconvenienced customers. Why allow your business to be the test-case for a residential roofer branching out into commercial roofing? Simply hire a commercial roofer of PSI Roofing’s quality from the beginning, and have no worries about the project.

Wind and Rain

West Palm Beach, Palm Beach and Lake Worth all bear the full force of the Atlantic Ocean’s weather. This means your Palm Beach and West Palm Beach commercial roofing has to hold up against:

A Palm Beach County commercial roofer needs plenty of practical experience and an intimate knowledge of Florida’s building codes to be competent enough to roof your commercial property correctly. Your building’s weather resistance comes from every part of the roofing system being installed correctly, the first time. Code-approved seaming and lapping methods, proper mechanical fastening systems, and commercial-grade flashing all matter. PSI Roofing knows the hurricane codes, has the safety and installation equipment, and trains its crews in industry-standard best practices. When PSI Roofing installs your West Palm Beach commercial roofing, that roof is built to last.

To learn more about the important distinctions that separate Palm Beach commercial roofing from residential roofing, or to arrange a visit from one of our roofing experts, contact PSI Roofing today.