roof leak preventation by PSI Roofing in the Miami area

Hurricane season can bring plenty of hard rain, driving winds, and miserable weather. In the greater Miami area, June 1st through November 30 is not a good time to find a roof leak on a commercial building. So when is the ideal time to find a roof leak? 


The best time to find a leak in your commercial property’s roof is during PSI Roofing’s inspection. By having an annual or semiannual commercial roof inspection, you save yourself time and money. An incipient roof leak that PSI Roofing’s consultant identifies while walking your roof can be repaired on your schedule, within your budget. When PSI Roofing sends a technician to your roof to walk every inch with you, both of you can discuss options and see immediately how bad the situation is. When we prepare a report for your consideration, in which we detail the condition of your entire roof, we lay out several repair options.

This method of leak detection gives you all the advantages:

  • Your schedule
  • Your budgeting
  • Preserving your building’s value
  • Least disruptive for customers, tenants and employees


Regular maintenance will preserve value in your roof, and help you prevent small leaks from turning into big nightmares. Sometimes a small leak reveals itself in an open seam, a clogged scupper or drain, or a failed mechanical fastening. Repair then is quick and efficient, and any leak is stopped.

With regular maintenance, too, PSI Roofing’s expert crews can track areas that show ponding, a sure location for a future leak. If you have had roof work done recently by other trades—sign builders, HVAC installers, satellite technicians—their activity could leave your roof vulnerable.


Nobody can foretell the future, so preventive maintenance may not catch every leak, every time. PSI Roofing has an emergency response crew available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In an emergency, the best time to find a roof leak is when you are close to a telephone, and can call PSI Roofing to get to your site quickly:

  • Fast response time—Four-hour maximum
  • Repairs follow Florida Building Code
  • Repair records and warranties are archived for you
  • Tools, crews and supplies to tackle any emergency, anytime

While no time is the ideal time to find a roof leak, if you detect one on your commercial property, contact PSI Roofing.