What Should You Do When Your Flat Roof Is Leaking?

Soggy ceilings do not fix themselves. They are, though, signs of a leaky commercial roof. When your business property has a water leak, you might feel desperate.

You text another commercial building owner: “Help. My flat roof is leaking, what do I do?” If your friend is good and helpful, you get back a text: “Act immediately. Delay does nothing.”

Step By Step

First, determine if the leak requires emergency roof repair. This decision is easy: if equipment, inventory, or people are threatened by the water leak, you have a roofing emergency.

Your second move is to call a reliable commercial roofer. Sure, you may need to call your insurance company, but the adjuster is not equipped to stop the leak. Only a skilled, professional roofer can preserve your building, avoid employee sick-outs, and save your inventory and equipment. Only a local, helpful roofer can stop a leaky roof. 

Call your insurance company as the third step. Allow your roofer and insurance adjuster to communicate. At this stage of flat roof repair, you can step back and let the two professionals handle things, with your company stepping in to pay a deductible, if the leak is covered by insurance. If the leak is not covered, knowing it up front is helpful, too. 

Ready to Go

When your neighborhood commercial roofer arrives to put a stop to flat roof water leaks, you can speed the process and lower your overall costs with these steps:

  1. Low-slope and flat roofs are notoriously difficult territory for tracking down leaks; water can move laterally within the roof deck before appearing inside your building, so have baseline photographs of your roof available, which will tell your roofer what the roof looks like under normal conditions
  2. Have any warranty information, roof installation documents at the ready
  3. If possible and if safe to do so, have your facilities crew clear any obvious debris from the flat roof, and have them check scuppers and internal drains for pond-causing clogs; this saves time (time = money) when the roofing crew arrives to find the leak
  4. Realize the best solution may be full roof replacement; reserve some of your annual budget for just such an outlay

If your commercial property has a leaky roof, protect your employees, equipment, and inventory by contacting us at PSI Roofing today. We can repair or, better, replace your business roof professionally and promptly.