roof repair services for flat commercial roof int eh miami area of florida especially during hurricane season

Miami is a scant 25 degrees, 46 minutes and one arc-second north of earth’s equator. What does that mean for your commercial roof? The sun has greater intensity in Miami to wear out your roof than the roof of your branch office in Boston. Many Florida business owners are concerned with the fact that mere sunlight can destroy your roof. 

Sunlight is Energy

Everything on earth—the majestic Atlantic Ocean, the 53rd to 63rd Street Beach—gets its energy from the sun. Sunlight strikes earth with infrared (heat) and ultraviolet radiation (high energy). Both these wavelengths work to defeat any roofing material. Since the sun strikes the Miami area more directly year-round than the glancing, low light of northern states’ autumns and winters, our commercial roofs are attacked more by sunlight’s energy.


Infrared radiation—heat energy—works against your central air conditioner to hike up your energy bill. Heat breaks down chemicals in seam sealants. Infrared energy raises Miami rooftop temperatures to brutal extremes. Your commercial property’s roof is an umbrella shading the rest of your building, but it pays an enormous price to bring you that shaded protection.

Counteract infrared radiation with cool roofing. PSI Roofing can help lower your cooling costs and increase employee and customer comfort by installing a reflective single-ply membrane that bounces intense heat away from your building.


High-energy ultraviolet (UV) radiation tears up molecules when it strikes them. Your modified bitumen, metal or single-ply membrane roof is composed of chemicals, and those chemicals degrade over time from the UV light.

PSI Roofing can counteract the destructive effects of UV radiation by inspecting your roof and recommending ways of increasing its reflectance and emissivity. A highly emissive roof does not store energy, but radiates it back into the Miami atmosphere.

Worn Out?

PSI Roofing can schedule an appointment with you for an inspection, walk your roof with you, and help you identify areas where something as simple as sunlight could lead to damaging leaks.

We can provide you a report with suggestions, from simple repair to spray coatings to a complete re-roofing. If you suspect your commercial property’s roofing material is worn out from doing battle with the Miami sun, contact us at PSI Roofing.