Commercial Roofing FAQs

Where is my flat roof leaking?

Flat roofs typically leak at roof penetrations (vents and plumbing stacks), or at the edge of the roof. The other reason a flat roof could leak would be due to age. If the roof is old, some of the field areas could be deteriorated and will fail allowing water intrusion in the building.


Why does my flat roof only leak with heavy rain?

Sometimes water intrusion will occur because there is unusual amount of rain and high winds. Normally, vents and other penetrations will allow for water intrusion due to water volume and high winds.


How often should I be doing roof maintenance?

Building owners must perform roof maintenance at least once a year and ideally inspect the same roof twice per year.

Property owners in Florida are faced with a reoccurring danger – hurricane season. In Broward County, an inspection is recommended bi-annually or yearly at the minimum. Business owners should contact their local licensed and insured contractor for a thorough inspection every year during the Spring months to make sure their roof is ready for rain and hurricane season.

What is the best roof waterproofing?

If clients choose to install a waterproofing (coating) system over their roof, it’s recommended to use a silicone based product for flat roofs and an acrylic/elastomeric based product for sloped roofs.


Can a waterproof layer on a roof be repaired?

Yes, a patch can be performed on waterproofing system. First, an infrared survey must be done to determine the area on the roof showing moisture and then a repair can be performed accordingly.