Roof Assets Management
Minimize Your Risk & Make Your Job Easier

If you are a property or facilities manager, let us come alongside you to keep your roof well maintained. We know you have a lot of responsibility and we are here to help. Our services will also save you money in the long run. Let us help you extend the life of the roofs you manage.

PSI offers a variety of options when it comes to roof assets management. Our goal is to help our clients to maintain and extend the life of their roofs. We make service and security a priority. Our database and client portal services keep our client’s information secure and always readily available.

PSI Roofing provides commercial roofing services in Ft Lauderdale, roof assets management in broward county florida


Our Roof Management Services Include:

  • Maintenance recommendations include construction details, photographic documentation, architectural drawings, and visual observation notes. Also core sample documentation, in order to help you prevent avoidable leaks and resulting water damage.
  • Roof replacement options include a comparative analysis of different roof systems available, focusing on sustainable high-performance roofing solutions based on application-specific concerns and requirements.
  • Work history reports that document every repair, renovation, and replacement, helping you analyze maintenance costs.
  • Annual budget summaries that prioritize roofing requirements. Enabling you to increase facility up-time through proactive, preventive maintenance.
  • Warranty tracking will help eliminate problems resulting from neglected maintenance or misplaced documentation.
  • Timely updates and job inspection reports, including online photographic documentation.
  • Database and client portal access to your roofing projects. From photos, inspections, billing, and other related documentation.

All your commercial roofing requirements are met when you contact the PSI Roofing team. We have your roof assets management needs covered!