Commercial Roof Maintenance in South Florida

Each year, millions of dollars are wasted on unnecessary roof replacement due to lack of ongoing maintenance.  90% of early roof failures are caused by lack of proper roof maintenance.  Small leaks can cause extensive damage to the interior of your building as well as the roof system itself and may not be detected for some time.  Regular maintenance can prevent unforeseen costs and extend the life of your roof by up to 30%.

The best way to extend the life of your roof is to have a roofing company perform regular roof inspections and maintenance.  All roofing manufacturers require regular inspections and maintenance to maintain coverage.  Regular inspections can also prevent costly problems from issues not covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee. Such as damage from vandalism, damage done to the roof by other contractors, or structural deterioration.  PSI Roofing provides roof maintenance in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas. We offer one, three and five year warranties on your new roof to take care of any outstanding problems not covered by the manufacturer.

Leak-Free Guarantee With Our Annual Roof Maintenance Program

right new commercial roof for your propertyWhen PSI Roofing performs your annual roof maintenance, we can lock in your cost and provide a watertight leak free guarantee. This guarantee will cover any repairs that are needed during the term of your maintenance program.

What Else Can PSI Roofing Do For You?

Our team will perform a roof inspection report and generate a survey report with preventative maintenance and the recommended scope of work which will greatly prolong the life of your roof.

The weather and harsh elements in the South Florida area will wear on your roof system.  PSI will provide solutions such as applying a reflective coating or re-graveling bare areas, which will protect your roof from additional deterioration and therefore extending the life of your roof.


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How A Commercial Roof Maintenance Program Can Help Save You Headaches With Your Insurance Company:

When your commercial roof suffers damage, you rely on your insurance company to foot the repair bill. But sadly, many building owners find they have to fight their insurance companies to get them to approve a claim. Insurance companies can be selective when honoring a roof claim, and it can often feel like they use loopholes to deny claims whenever possible.


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How to Get Exclusive, Premium Long-Term Roof Maintenance From PSI

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