Commercial Waterproofing and Coating in Palm Beach & Broward County

Waterproof Your Commercial Roof

PSI Roofing can help its clients tune-up their building envelope system to overcome the harsh elements and weather in Florida.
PSI will protect and prevent your structure from potential damage and preserve the condition and value with roof waterproofing and coating solutions. Because of the extreme heat experienced in this area, roof systems contract and expand causing cracks and material shrinkage on the roof surfaces. PSI is able to help minimize these problems by offering a variety of waterproofing and coatings to maintain, waterproof, and extend the life of your roof.
Our solutions include waterproofing and coating systems with acrylic, urethane and silicone applications to include options with high reflectivity grade and Energy Star rated products which qualify for rebate programs, thus resulting in money back in our clients pockets.

Parking Decks, Masonry and Exterior Walls

PSI Roofing also provides waterproofing solutions for parking decks, especially those with occupied space below, such as roof-top parking, plaza, pool decks and solariums.  We offer different finish choices to include the selection of color and various textures including anti-slip surfacing. We provide our clients with stucco masonry restoration and waterproofing, along with expansion and control joint scopes and building envelope sealing solutions.


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